Paranormal Activity

Oct 31, 2009

Maybe it was the mood, but were rightfully scared over high-grossing low-budget film, Paranormal Activity. We were supposed to take a nap this gloomy afternoon so we put out the lights and we were all settled to sleep, until I had the brilliant idea of showing the movie on my laptop. My kids huddled together and each has a pillow over their faces, but peeking at the movie anyway. We were really scared and they kept asking me if it was true!

This one and a half hour film started with boyfriends Micah and Katie filming their house and their bedroom while they slept. Katie said that she feels this presence with her since she was an 8-year old kid and when she was 13 and then until now. So Micah decided to film it and see if they can capture the being or whatever it is on film. And they did. From doors moving to shadows and footsteps, things turned quickly to worst. And the end was really tragic. We were all sitting up by the 20th night of their filming! It was indeed scary!

Of course, after scaring them with the movie, Mommy had to tell them that its just a film and its not true. Then my husband started telling them ghost stories and they were scared one more time! Ishi even asked me to come with her inside the restroom! Oh well, we will just watch a comedy later tonight before they sleep so they will forget about it! How's that for a Halloween treat?

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