All I want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth

Nov 11, 2009

His two front teeth were pulled out by the dentist last weekend but he never lost his cheerful smile. This is my Danniel, who is turning 7 years old this month. He is very cute, isn't he? I was also the tooth fairy and I gave him some money for those teeth. Based on the xray, those two front teeth will come out anytime now.

I love this picture. It is my computer's latest wallpaper. It never fails to make me grin whenever I see it. My son was also very brave. He didn't cry when his teeth were pulled out, before, during or after. We gave him a tub of ice cream as a reward though.

4 comments: to “ All I want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth

  • hopeful
    November 12, 2009  

    Yes he is really brave. Imagine he didn't cry? Tlagang matapang na bata at masayahin pa!

    btw sis, I won the 4th prize of Her and History's contest. For my 125x125 ad image here is the link:

    Thanks so much.


  • fedhz
    November 14, 2009  

    haha! yeah, it's cute! I will have my 2 wisdom teeth extracted.. maybe I can give it to him. LOL

    I wonder when my little girl will start losing her teeth. hehehe

  • Femmepower
    November 14, 2009  

    hehehe how adorable. my daughter already grew her teeth.she's now 8 yrs old.

  • Ambot
    November 16, 2009  

    hahaha cute! does he miss his two front teeth too?

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