For Your Eyes Only

Nov 15, 2009

I have a friend who has a very poor vision. She loathes wearing glasses because of vanity and pride. She says wearing glasses makes her look older than her real age. So she sometime suffers because of her poor eyesight. She can't appreciate a good movie unless she sits at the front of the cinema. She is sometimes mistaken for being a snob because she seldom returns a friendly wave. So when I found out about this iLASIK Video Contest, I know that I should encourage her to join. I explained to her how Abbot Medical Optics Inc., a global leader in laser vision correction, wants to know how improved vision has improved or will improve the quality of a person's life. I know this contest is for her! She might also get a chance to win $5,000! The contest is really very simple. She just need to submit a video on how her life has changed because of improved vision, tell our friends about it so they can cast their vote, and maybe win any of these awesome prizes: the grand prize of $5,000, first prize of HDTV package worth $2,500, or the second prize Flip Ultra-HD camcorder worth $199.99. These are indeed great prizes! I hope I that my friend will go for her vision improvement and join this contest. This could really change her life for the better!

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