Leslie's Bulalo

Nov 23, 2009

So how was your weekend? Me, I crossed a lake, climbed a volcano and looked down upon the Lord's marvelous creation in awe. Oh, and I also ate at Leslie's. And this post is all about the bulalo.

This is my first time to eat a proper bulalo and I was actually overwhelmed. Can you see the fat swimming in the soup? The picture was taken immediately after the bulalo was served, but the cool Tagaytay weather already worked against it. The soup was very nice and the vegetable was cooked just right. The meat was really tender and had there been 5 of us to finish the bulalo, instead of just 2, then I would have surely love it! And no, I didn't suck the marrow.

This is the sizzling bulalo which was also very good. Same with the bulalo soup above, the meat was very tender. For me, it was better than the ribs that we also had.

So if you are in Tagaytay, drop by at Leslie's for those delicious bulalo. Just be sure to order enough and not too much like we did.

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  • Annie
    March 03, 2010  

    Im from dasmarinas cavite the travel time for tagay is only 30 mins.. i love leslie's retaurant! and the Bulalo as in WOW! have you ever been in Batangas City the Bulalo there is so tasty.. i just forgot the name of the mini karinderia

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