5 Reasons Why I Love Mondays

Dec 7, 2009

I tweeted this morning, while cooking breakfast and checking emails that I love Mondays. Then I was flooded with comments from friends that they hate Mondays. So I am telling them now why I love Mondays.

1. Monday for me is the start of the week. It means another chance to start over and do better than the previous week.

2. Mondays give me a chance to start a new diet plan (which I break mid-week!)

3. It is a chance for me to finish things-to-do that I have left over the previous week. My motto, why do today what you can do tomorrow, gives me a chance to redeem myself during Mondays.

4. I love surprises and for sure, a new day on a new week is sure to bring one!

5. It makes me thankful that me and my husband have jobs, my kids can still go to school and we are still alive.

So see, there is nothing to hate about Mondays!

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