Christmas Gift to Self

Dec 11, 2009

Our personal computer at home choose this season to conk out on me! There are viruses that made it impossible to connect to the Internet, and just last night, the monitor died! Yes, it did. And it chose a very bad time to go. A monitor is not on my list this Christmas, but now it has to be. I told my husband that I just want an LCD monitor for the family so he need not buy anything for me. I told him he can consider it a Christmas gift to self, he he. Anyway, the CPU is now being checked by our ever-reliable IT guy here are at the office. I told him to reformat the drives and we will just copy the files I have stored there. Good thing he has duplicate files software so this will be an easy job for him. Besides, this is just a "paki" so I just need to give him a token or something this Christmas.

I rarely gift my self during Christmas, because what I usually buy are for the family. I intend to buy a bookshelf, some curtains and more stuff for the house, instead of splurging on something that I really, really like. But if have extra money that I can spend on myself without the guilt feeling I usually have when buying anything for myself, I would love to buy an external hard drive. Yes, I am cheap that way! But I cannot bear to ask hubby to buy it for me, nor can I bring myself to buy it. Anyway, I told myself that if my blogging income reaches a certain amount before the month ends, then I will buy it for myself. Unless, something else has to be bought first :-)

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