Christmas is Just Around the Corner

Dec 16, 2009

Christmas is just 9 days away and the signs of the season are everywhere! You see kids singing carols and hoping for some coins. The kids below are my children and their cousins. It was really heartwarming to see them bond together, and despite the disappointment of not being allowed to finish their song at at all at some houses, they were not deterred at all and were still laughing while going to the next door!

One funny line of their song goes:

Justify FullThank you, thank you. May malaking aso, Takbo!

When we passed by our church on the way home, in time for the anticipated dawn mass were these bibingka stalls. A "special" bibingka costs fifty pesos and a regular one is thirty pesos. Sadly, what we had was tasteless and burnt! I think they need more practice.

Let us hope for a peaceful Christmas!

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