Gifts, gifts, gifts!

Dec 27, 2009

As parents, we only want the best for our kids. My husband and I decided to give them each something special this year and so we tried to ask them what they wanted.

Ishi, our youngest wanted some colored pencils, coloring books and a sharpener. Imagine her delight when she opened them!

Drexelle, our eldest wanted a bike and despite my reservations about accidents, we decided to get him one. Initial order was to keep the bike under lock whenever not in use. He has history of losing stuff, most recently, his glasses!

And for Danniel, our mid-child who turned seven last November, we decided to give him that PSP he very much wanted. You should see how his face literally lighted up when he saw what his gift was!

For husband and myself, we didn't get anything special. Well, I wanted an Italian leather sofas but there is just no space in our house for it. Maybe we can buy one once we have bought our dream house! Ha ha, I dream big I know.

Let us just say that giving those gifts, and seeing their happiness once they've opened them was a very heartwarming occasion for us. Though we try to give them the best that we can all the time, Christmas is just the season for us to really go all out. I just hope that other than the material things, I hope that they realize that we love them very much!

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  • Louis Dizon
    December 29, 2009  

    Usong uso na talaga ang PSP ngayon. Yung mga pamangkin kong babae, puro PSP ang hiniling kay Santa Claus. Tapos isang beses yung mga pinsan kong bata, tatlo sila, magkakatabi sa sofa, sabay-sabay nakatutok sa kanya-kanyang mga PSP. High tech na talaga mga kids ngayon. Game watch at tetris lang ako noon.

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