How Do You Celebrate The New Year?

Dec 30, 2009

Tomorrow is December 31 and we celebrate the coming of the new year with lots of noise and revelry. In my house, despite my protestations, my husband buys firecrackers for himself and the kids while I buy torotot instead. Unlike most people, I do not buy thirteen kinds of fruits nor do I believe that cooking chicken during the New Year means luck would fly away. In the first place, fowls do not fly and besides chicken is cheaper than pork precisely because of this belief. I also do not believe in waiting for midnight before eating the food we prepare. We eat dinner and just have some desserts before going to bed after lighting those firecrackers. I also do not go around the house opening all doors and windows to bring in good luck. I know that doing this would instead fill the house with smoke from all those firecrackers. I do not wear polka dots nor fill my pockets with coins. I do not believe in lot of things, I know but that doesn't mean that I do not welcome the new year at all.

I believe that one way to celebrate the coming year is to keep an open mind and an open heart instead. Keeping my mind open means I invite positive ideas and energy into my life. I keep my heart open by sharing my blessings and by being thankful for everything that happened this past year. I may make a lot of noise like a diesel turbocharger in celebrating the new year, but I do welcome it with open arms.

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  • Snow
    December 31, 2009  

    My family and I usually celebrate the new year with lots of food and lots of noise.

    Belated Merry Christmas Dinah and have a wonderful New Year. :)

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