Last Day of Work Today!

Dec 29, 2009

Today is the last day of work for us and we are wrapping up some work and cleaning up our cubicles to be ready for the coming year. I emptied 3 drawers and shredded several boxes of files yesterday and today. I am eager for the new year of work to start. I love my job because it is a source of livelihood for me and I have very good friends here. I enjoy my work and I know that I am part of a very good team. So I definitely feel thankful for this bountiful year at work and for great friends and office mates.

The picture above was taken during our Christmas lunch and exchange gift get together yesterday. It was really a fun lunch, filled with much laughter and happiness. Each of us got very well-thought of gifts and token. The food was simple but the company was great so it was really enjoyable. Add to that, I found out - Torrents Search Engine to replace my old flame, Mininova. So while we were happily having lunch and reminiscing about our year at work, I was downloading the latest movies!

So goodbye to this year at work and here is to a happy and fruitful new beginning!

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