Mommy Moments: Your Moment!

Dec 11, 2009

mommy moments

This is my favorite moment, when my kids are thoroughly enjoying themselves without a care in
the world! That is the time when I feel so proud of being their mother. It makes me feel that I have accomplished something magnificent and really important.

And most especially, when I see that they love each other, and care for each other, my heart swells with pride at having brought them up that way together with my husband. Truly, nothing else can make a mother more proud than to see her kids happy and loving their life.

Join us in Mommy Moments!

7 comments: to “ Mommy Moments: Your Moment!

  • Chris
    December 11, 2009  

    you are correct.. it gives us so much joywhen they love each other... i pray that my kids would be loving and be there for each other when they grow up!

  • Ladynred
    December 12, 2009  

    What a fun and sweet moment for you!

  • GagayMD
    December 12, 2009  


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  • Karen
    December 13, 2009  

    It's very heartwarming to see our children so happy.

  • David Funk
    December 14, 2009  

    Great moment! Love the adorable pics of the kids here.

    I'm here also following up on Gagay's Triple Medical BlogThing Game, too. I won third place.

    Happy Holidays my friend!

  • Snow
    December 14, 2009  

    Kids are parent's trophies. I also love seeing my kid happy. :)

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    December 15, 2009  

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