My New Toy

Dec 15, 2009

This is my latest toy, a Singer Sewing machine which is technically not new, but rather newly resurrected. She is one of the victims of Ondoy in my house. I call her Zinia by the way.

I bought her two years ago from a garage sale for my mother. Originally, she was a cabinet-type sewing machine and can be transformed into an electric one. Unfortunately, a neighbor used her and left her damaged. There was no repairman available for the longest time, and then there was Ondoy. Zinia was thoroughly submerged and cabinet was damaged. Last weekend, a repairman came looking for a neighbor who was referred by somebody and he ended up repairing ours. I really thought that we will have to sell this as junk and I was really happy to have her resurrected!

So I had a happy Saturday doing my first sewing project: throw pillows! We have some spare fabric which I used to practice my rusty sewing skills and the results are below.

They are not yet perfect and I had to undo the stitches twice to get them right but I am happy to have been reunited with another of my favorite activities. I had the choice of shopping for a new LCD monitor bit chose to sew instead, that's how much I love sewing.

2 comments: to “ My New Toy

  • Chris
    December 15, 2009  

    interesting! this is something i dont know how to do at all!

  • Dinah
    December 16, 2009  

    @Chris, I really am not an expert at all, but I love sewing. Pag ni-close up mo yung throw pillows ko, makita mo baliko-baliko yung stitch. But, practice makes perfect daw e :-)

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