Welcome, December!

Dec 1, 2009

Today is the first day of December and my kids are already excited that Christmas is just some 20 days away. They are counting the days, as it is. My eldest was already asking me when I would buy his shoes, which he intends to use during their Christmas party. My other son is asking when I will pay for his party and when we will buy his gift for the usual exchange gift. My daughter will have her party in McDonald's and the fee is P500 for 2. Ouch, I say! Yes, Christmas means gifts for the kids and expenses for Mommies and Daddies.

But while I cry ouch over the expected expenses, I cannot help but feel enthusiastic about the season. Who won't be, when you hear your kids counting the days when they will each receive their special gift?

For my eldest, aside from the pang-porma shoes, he has been asking me to buy him a bike. My husband and I are still discussing this, as my son is not very good at keeping his stuff safe and we think that he may not be ready to own a bike. He almost lost a cellphone during a field trip, he lost his jacket, and his coin purse is missing almost everyday! But maybe, this will teach him to secure his possession if we buy a chain together with the bike!

As for my younger son, we promised him a PSP during his 7th birthday if he won't have a party. But he opted for a party so he is not expecting a PSP anymore. But if a second-hand unit becomes available, then we will get him one.

I still don't know what we are getting for our daughter. She changes her mind everyday! One day she wants a stuff toy, the next a laptop and the next, a pencil! I think I will opt for the pencil, he he.

My kids are very easy to please. While we try to get them stuff that are quite expensive by our standards, because we want them to have these things we haven't had growing up, they know how to appreciate them. A gift, be it a PSP or a pencil, or a make-up kit that costs P35, will earn from them a genuine smile and a generous hug. If they ask for something we cannot afford, they don't throw fits or tantrums but will just accept our promise to try. I am really thankful that my kids are like that!

So I welcome December and the opportunity to shower my kids with even more love than I do everyday!

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