Mommy Moments: Welcoming a New Sibling

Jan 29, 2010

mommy moments

For this Friday's Mommy Moments theme of Welcoming A New Sibling, I had a hard time looking for a picture that would show how my kids welcomed the newest addition to the family. Most of our pictures got wet in the recent flood so I only have what is in my computer. However, while browsing my photos, I saw this picture and realized that this is just perfect to capture how my kids feels about each other! Can you feel the love? I am one proud momma!

If you ask my husband, we should have another child to make the number even. But as much as I love my kids, I don't think I can handle another pregnancy. So I guess this is just it. Ha ha!

LP 90: Balak

Jan 28, 2010

Ang dami kong mga balak at plano ngayong taon: bagong bahay, bagong kotse, bagong hobby, mga biyahe at marami pang iba! Ano, balak at hindi pangarap? A, magkaiba ba yun? Ha ha. Seryoso, ang aking balak gawin talaga bago mag summer ngayong taon ay ang umakyat ng Mt. Pinatubo. Sadyang pinaghahandaan ko yan para kaya ng aking budget, panahon at katawan. Bahagi ng aking paghahanda, inuna ko ng akyatin ang bulkan sa Tagaytay. Ang tagal ko na din kasing dinadaan yan, ay di ko pa nararating. O e di ngayon, kami ay up close and personal na.

Dapat kasi ay aakyat na kami ng Pinatubo nuong nakaraang taon. Pero ipinagbawal dati dahil sa may nadisgrasya. Hay, matitigas kasi ang ulo!

Kayo, ano ang mga balak nyo?

Mommy Moments: New Favorite

Jan 26, 2010

mommy moments

This is a very, very late Mommy Moments post because I really can't think of their new favorites, other than the bike and PSP and coloring stuff that they received last Christmas. But since its already a Tuesday, and we were in QMC last Sunday and it is still the topic of my kids conversation, then I guess I just found out about their new and latest favorite: a hang-out, the Quezon Memorial Circle!

They really enjoyed themselves here, even if we didn't let them bike anymore! And they made their dad promise that we will come back next week. Well, my husband did enjoy himself too! He ran the circle 9x while we were playing badminton. So I guess, we found our new family favorite after all!

Oh, we found a hidden Mickey!

The New Quezon Memorial Circle

Jan 25, 2010

We went to the Quezon Memorial Circle last Sunday, after some months of not having time for our usual family bonding and exercise there and we are happy at its development. There is a new playground, filled with new play area for the kids. They are new, very colorful and the kids absolutely love them. We spent more than 2 hours there, and they move from one play are to another. The play areas seemed to be color-coded, but they had an absolute good time at the yellow one. When they were finally persuaded to go home, I can see that they were tired, but happy. And true enough, when we were on our way home, they fell asleep, as though they were sleeping on comfortable childrens beds, and not on a bumpy cab!

My only comment is that this playground is not built to last. We can already see some damages, like a missing step or handrail on some of them. Even the see-saw makes a terrible noise because it has become unhinged. With the volume of people visiting the park, especially during the weekends, I give this new park six months tops. Really, it was so disappointing to see parents eating in the area (and leaving their trash!) despite the many notices against it. There is a guy with a microphone reminding parents that kids must now wear shoes while inside the play area, but you can see most of them ignoring him.

I just hope that the park management maintains it well and for the people visiting the park to show some responsibility. I applaud the QC government for trying to make the QMC a world-class park and I just hope that visitors continue to support this effort by doing their part.

Mommy Moments: New Born Days

Jan 18, 2010

mommy moments

Sorry for the very late Mommy Moments post. It has been a lot crazy at work lately and I don't have my newborn pictures readily at hand so I cannot just make a quick post. I dont have time to scan them (hu hu hu). But then I realized that I have the newborn pictures of my niece, Danica Maercelle and decided to share this instead. You see, my elder sister and her husband waited 7 years before they were blessed with a child! So when she was born, it was wondrous experience for all of us!

I can imagine the love that my sister felt when she first held her daughter. I was there, and I cried with her at the miracle. And we all know that Nikka will be a much-loved child. And she has indeed grown up to be a very sweet kid! She now has a brother, Mico who is another blessing to my sister's life.

Oh by the way, my sister refused to have her picture posted here. She looked horrible, post-pregnancy! Ha ha ha!

Check out other Mommy Moments entries out there please!

LP 88: Manipis

Jan 14, 2010

Ang tema sa Huwebes na ito para sa Litratong Pinoy ay manipis at ang unang larawan na pumasok sa isip ko ay ang larawan ng tema ng aking blog: Ang Tutubi (Dragonfly). Very serindipitous ang pagkakakuha ko ng larawang ito. Bago ang aking camera at naghahanap ako ng Tutubi para sa blog na ito. Buti na lang, sa swimming party ng nanay ko ay nakuhanan ko ito habang umiikot-ikot sa resort. Bilib ako sa mga maninipis na pakpak nya, ganun din ang manipis at putulis na katawan

Heto ang close-up na kuha ko. Ang nipis ng mga pakpak nya hindi ba? Talagang kahanga-hanga ang mga nilikha ng Diyos! At ang hirap nilang kuhanan ng larawan ha. Kasi naman, chipipay lang ang camera ko. Buti na lang at nakikisama talaga ang tutubing ito at pose kung pose!

At wag kalimutan ang paru-parung bukid!

Heto pa ang isang nilalang na bagamat may maninipis na pakpak ay sadya namang nakalilipad at padapo-dapo sa mga bulalak!

O hindi, kakaibang mga nilikha!

Time for A New Template

Jan 13, 2010

For the past few days, my beautiful, beautiful header is missing. I am trying to ignore it and is hoping that it will come back. But it seems that the hosting service for that free template has expired. I love that old template. It goes very well with my dragon fly (or Tutubi, in the vernacular) theme. I love the color, the design. Oh, I just love everything about it. And I already have a card that bears the same design. So what do i do now? My blog has always used that template, but sadly I really think I have to look for new one. I am hoping to find the best-suited template for this blog and is looking at torrents download for the best one that I can again, fall in love with. But this is really difficult. I so love that template!

I guess I will give this 2 more weeks at the most and hope that hosting will be up soon. Otherwise, I really have to move on and hunt again for a new template. So if you have any suggestions on what template would look nice on this blog, please do not hesitate to let me know.

LP 87: Makapal

Jan 8, 2010

Naghahanap ako ng pictures ng mga politikong makakapal ang mukha para mailagay dito, pero naisip ko na dagdag publicity pa yun sa kanila. It would be like aiding and abetting criminals, ha ha. So para sa unang entry ko ng Litratong Pinoy ngayong taon, larawan ko na lang ang aking ilalagay.

Heto ako nung magpunta kami sa Tagaytay last November. Ang lamig, kaya naman bagay na bagay ang aming bagong makapal na jacket na sadyang pinagawa para sa Planning at Team Building namin na ito. Ang lamig din talaga sa Tagaytay pag ganitong panahon.

At sa sobrang lamig, uminom pa kami ng masarap na masarap na tsokolate sa Taal Vista kahit busog na busog na kami pagkagaling sa Sonya's Garden.

Heto din ang larawan ng masarap na tsokolate para matakam kayo.

Ang sarap nya, pramis!


Jan 5, 2010

They say that happiness is a state of mind, so I choose to be happy this year. And indeed, there is a reason to be happy after all the calamities that happened last year. Remember my house that was devastated by Ondoy? I filed an insurance claim for the damage and after three months of waiting, I was told that the check is now being prepared and may be released within the week. Wow, that is indeed very good news! See, other than clean out the mud inside the house, we haven't started any repairs yet. My husband is not very enthusiastic about the house anymore. Truth be told, he wants to sell it even for a bargain. He said he will never have the same feelings for that house ever again. I said that we should just continue with the payments and make minor repairs and just rent it out. We are giving ourselves 2 years to finish paying that house and then get a new one under Pag-ibig loan. So this insurance money is really a big help. We can use some for repairs and pay some portion of our existing principal loan. I already started looking at some developments in the Antipolo area and are quite impressed by the real estate logos. They really catch my attention and I am seriously studying the projects because of this. When I see some logos on the leaflets that I receive, those logos that looked nice are the ones on my list for serious consideration. If they make the logos really pretty, then their houses must be as pretty!

So I choose to be happy this year and just thinking about a new dream house really makes me happy. I hope there will be more reason to be happy this year!

Mommy Moments: Something New!

Jan 2, 2010

mommy moments

Aptly themed Mommy Moments for the New Year is Something New and of course, we must show the kids and the new toys they've got for Christmas. I think I already wrote about these gifts here, but would love to post them again for Mommy Moments.

Here is my eldest, Drexelle on his bike.

And here is Danniel with his PSP. It was also a gift for his 7th birthday.

Ishi is already using her coloring materials here in the picture. She received those coloring gift set and coloring books and more pencils for her collection.
For myself, I bought this bookshelf to house my collection but the kids also claimed some space for their new toys. I still have a box of books waiting to be displayed.

For the husband, we bought a new colored tv, but I am too lazy to take a picture and post. But its not yet an LCD TV. Maybe next year, ha ha.

So that's all for this year's first Mommy Moments!


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