Jan 5, 2010

They say that happiness is a state of mind, so I choose to be happy this year. And indeed, there is a reason to be happy after all the calamities that happened last year. Remember my house that was devastated by Ondoy? I filed an insurance claim for the damage and after three months of waiting, I was told that the check is now being prepared and may be released within the week. Wow, that is indeed very good news! See, other than clean out the mud inside the house, we haven't started any repairs yet. My husband is not very enthusiastic about the house anymore. Truth be told, he wants to sell it even for a bargain. He said he will never have the same feelings for that house ever again. I said that we should just continue with the payments and make minor repairs and just rent it out. We are giving ourselves 2 years to finish paying that house and then get a new one under Pag-ibig loan. So this insurance money is really a big help. We can use some for repairs and pay some portion of our existing principal loan. I already started looking at some developments in the Antipolo area and are quite impressed by the real estate logos. They really catch my attention and I am seriously studying the projects because of this. When I see some logos on the leaflets that I receive, those logos that looked nice are the ones on my list for serious consideration. If they make the logos really pretty, then their houses must be as pretty!

So I choose to be happy this year and just thinking about a new dream house really makes me happy. I hope there will be more reason to be happy this year!

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