Mommy Moments: New Born Days

Jan 18, 2010

mommy moments

Sorry for the very late Mommy Moments post. It has been a lot crazy at work lately and I don't have my newborn pictures readily at hand so I cannot just make a quick post. I dont have time to scan them (hu hu hu). But then I realized that I have the newborn pictures of my niece, Danica Maercelle and decided to share this instead. You see, my elder sister and her husband waited 7 years before they were blessed with a child! So when she was born, it was wondrous experience for all of us!

I can imagine the love that my sister felt when she first held her daughter. I was there, and I cried with her at the miracle. And we all know that Nikka will be a much-loved child. And she has indeed grown up to be a very sweet kid! She now has a brother, Mico who is another blessing to my sister's life.

Oh by the way, my sister refused to have her picture posted here. She looked horrible, post-pregnancy! Ha ha ha!

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