Mommy Moments: Welcoming a New Sibling

Jan 29, 2010

mommy moments

For this Friday's Mommy Moments theme of Welcoming A New Sibling, I had a hard time looking for a picture that would show how my kids welcomed the newest addition to the family. Most of our pictures got wet in the recent flood so I only have what is in my computer. However, while browsing my photos, I saw this picture and realized that this is just perfect to capture how my kids feels about each other! Can you feel the love? I am one proud momma!

If you ask my husband, we should have another child to make the number even. But as much as I love my kids, I don't think I can handle another pregnancy. So I guess this is just it. Ha ha!

11 comments: to “ Mommy Moments: Welcoming a New Sibling

    January 29, 2010  

    yes, mommmy, I can truly feel the love. Your kids are so adorable.

  • Chubskulit Rose
    January 29, 2010  

    Hahaha, make the number even ha.. I love the photos, so sweet.

    My Mommy Moments

  • Evan's Mom
    January 29, 2010  

    They look so happy playing together. Happy MM.

  • Chris adventures
    January 29, 2010  

    Oh they are cute kids. I want another one since I only have one kid. Happy MM! Mine is up.

  • kamz
    January 30, 2010  

    a perfect moment captured just in time. your kids look so happy. threesome pala sila! ang saya naman... so sorry about the photos damaged by the flood. i know they hold lots of precious memories...

  • Ellen Joy
    January 30, 2010  

    Your kids are so so cute..:)
    In a few months, I hope I can take the same pic of my three lovely kids too. whew!

  • Claudia Lawrence
    January 30, 2010  

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  • Karen
    February 01, 2010  

    ang saya nilang tingnan, ano? nakakatuwa ang mga kids mo. Happy Mommy Moments!

  • Chris
    February 02, 2010  

    they look so happy together! nothing beats that feeling mommy... thanks for joining us this week!

  • AC
    February 03, 2010  

    aww!!! you already have three and I only got one.. LOL.. there must be so much fun in the house with lots of kulitans and laughter in every corner.. I can definitely feel the love.. =)

  • mai
    February 04, 2010  

    happiness caught on cam, don't u think! buti na lang nauso ang digital pics. kung hindi pano na tayong mga mommy! how else will we recapture memories of moments like this?

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