The New Quezon Memorial Circle

Jan 25, 2010

We went to the Quezon Memorial Circle last Sunday, after some months of not having time for our usual family bonding and exercise there and we are happy at its development. There is a new playground, filled with new play area for the kids. They are new, very colorful and the kids absolutely love them. We spent more than 2 hours there, and they move from one play are to another. The play areas seemed to be color-coded, but they had an absolute good time at the yellow one. When they were finally persuaded to go home, I can see that they were tired, but happy. And true enough, when we were on our way home, they fell asleep, as though they were sleeping on comfortable childrens beds, and not on a bumpy cab!

My only comment is that this playground is not built to last. We can already see some damages, like a missing step or handrail on some of them. Even the see-saw makes a terrible noise because it has become unhinged. With the volume of people visiting the park, especially during the weekends, I give this new park six months tops. Really, it was so disappointing to see parents eating in the area (and leaving their trash!) despite the many notices against it. There is a guy with a microphone reminding parents that kids must now wear shoes while inside the play area, but you can see most of them ignoring him.

I just hope that the park management maintains it well and for the people visiting the park to show some responsibility. I applaud the QC government for trying to make the QMC a world-class park and I just hope that visitors continue to support this effort by doing their part.

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