Time for A New Template

Jan 13, 2010

For the past few days, my beautiful, beautiful header is missing. I am trying to ignore it and is hoping that it will come back. But it seems that the hosting service for that free template has expired. I love that old template. It goes very well with my dragon fly (or Tutubi, in the vernacular) theme. I love the color, the design. Oh, I just love everything about it. And I already have a card that bears the same design. So what do i do now? My blog has always used that template, but sadly I really think I have to look for new one. I am hoping to find the best-suited template for this blog and is looking at torrents download for the best one that I can again, fall in love with. But this is really difficult. I so love that template!

I guess I will give this 2 more weeks at the most and hope that hosting will be up soon. Otherwise, I really have to move on and hunt again for a new template. So if you have any suggestions on what template would look nice on this blog, please do not hesitate to let me know.

2 comments: to “ Time for A New Template

  • siyetehan
    January 13, 2010  

    ang hirap pa namang magpalit ng template, kasi ang daming naaapektuhang plugins

  • Dinah
    January 13, 2010  

    @siyetehan, yup ang hirap nga isa pa yun kaya ayoko mag change ng template. buti na lang nahanap ko yung zip file ng template kaya nahost ko sa blogger ang mga image. balik na siya ulit! :-)

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