33 Reasons Why I Love Being Me!

Feb 1, 2010

Today is my birthday and I am thankful for all the years that I have lived, happily, with my family, friends and loved ones. I honestly do not feel my years, in fact, I feel young and very much alive. I guess, when you are happy, age really doesn't bother you much. So I wrote down 33 reasons, in no particular order, why I love being me!

1. I am married to a very wonderful man for 12 years now.
2. I have 3 of the sweetest kids in the world.
3. I have the best mother once can ever ask for.
4. I have 2 very supportive sisters others can only wish for.
5. I have very great friends I can call on for anything, anytime.
6. I have the best job;
7. and the best bosses in the whole world!
8. I have 4 blogs I where I can share my insights, useful or otherwise to those who care to read them.
9. I have a good collection of books: loaned, gifted or bought.
10. My eldest is graduating in elementary this March. He is 12. And I am 33. When he marries and have a child, I will be a very young Lola!
11.I love this Valentine's Day Gift ideas for Romantics. I hope my husband reads this and gets an idea of what he can get me for valentine's.
12. My weight in pounds (+ 100) is the same as my age! Ha ha ha! I lie. I weight more.
13. But I am working on it everyday. I run, I walk, and I eat moderately. Except today.
14. I climbed one mountain last year and I plan to climb another one this year. And I can do it too!
15. I have an ongoing dream-house project. Though ravaged by a typhoon, the dream lives on..
16. I have developed a high tolerance for stupid people. But only during my birthday.
17. I laugh and cry, shamelessly, when reading books or watching movies alone.
18. I do not apologize for being me. What you see is what you get.
19. Sometimes, I just don't care. Sometimes, I care too much.
20. I love making lists, even as long as this one. But I am running out of reasons.
21. I love cakes and ice creams and balloons and all of these made my day today.
22. I sometimes am afraid to tell people I love them. But I know that those who matters most to me, knows already.
23. I forgive but I don't forget.
24. I hide my insecurity behind a sense of humor. I hope it doesn't show much.
25. I love watching cooking shows. But I can't stand to watch reality and talent shows. It just isn't in me.
26. I am not a people person. But I am not a snob. But what does that mean anyway?
27. I can be mean. But I try very hard not to.
28. I get even. I sometimes try to turn the other cheek, but its hard.
29. My husband said he loves me, and I believe him because I feel it.
30. My kids kiss me goodnight when I am first to go to bed and they are waiting up for their dad. How sweet is that?
31. I am not fond on movies made from books, unless I haven't read them. And when I do, I am always prepared to be disappointed, and I always am.
32. I am not a good storyteller.
33. I just love being me.

6 comments: to “ 33 Reasons Why I Love Being Me!

  • Anonymous
    February 02, 2010  

    Hi, belated happy birthday to you. Count the blessings you have and enjoy life.

  • Willa
    February 03, 2010  

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  • Pinky
    February 04, 2010  

    Belated happy birthday! Nice idea to take stock of what you have and be thankful for your blessings - for I always believe that happiness stems from a grateful heart :)

  • MaiThreeBoyz
    February 04, 2010  

    happy birthday! wow! you are the third mommy blogger i know who's an Aquarian just like me..pehpot and levy of living life to the fullest are both aquarians. .. Happy 33rd Birthday!!! love ur blog!

  • Nortehanon
    February 11, 2010  

    Wow! Birthday mo pala, Ate Dinah!(kunyari 16 lang ako hehehe). Belated happy birtday ha. That cake looks so yummy. May natira pa ba? :D

    Nakakatuwa that you made this list. Just keep at your #15 item. Dream on, never get tired dreaming of that house. Matatapos din yan. At pag natapos, post mo agad dito ang kwento at picture :)

  • pehpot
    February 16, 2010  

    Belated sa ating dalawa hehe.. feb 1 ka din hihi :)

    sama ka sa sat may event ang bisolvon..

    at sali ka naman sa pa contest namin, $200 ang first prize :)

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