Mommy Moments: Message of Love

Feb 12, 2010

mommy moments

This week's Mommy Moments theme is Message of Love and I would like to share with you my message to my family.

To my husband, I love you. I know you are not perfect, but you are perfect for me. I admire your patience and understanding and for putting up with me all through this years. There may still be rough times ahead, but I am willing to go through anything for you and our family. I am very glad that I have found you in my life. If I have to do this all over again, it will still be you.

To my eldest Drexelle, thank you for being a very sweet child. I learned so much from you as a mother and as person. Your siblings are lucky because I had you first and you taught me how to become a better mother. I am sorry for being hard on you sometimes; I just want you to grow up to become a responsible person. I feel so blessed to have you in my life.

To Danniel, my sweet-tempered child. I love you for your kind spirit and for always keeping the peace amongst your siblings. I know that you are very intelligent and will become successful in the future. But now, I am just happy that you complete our life.

To my daughter Ishi, I love you. Thank you for giving me butterfly kisses at night. And for telling me we are both pango. And for the nose-to-nose. And for everything. I know that you have a strong personality, not too strong I hope that you take it out on your Kuya's, just because Daddy is always on your side. I am grateful that you are a very good kid, and very sweet as well.

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