Mommy Moments: Song From a Mom's Heart

Feb 26, 2010

mommy moments

My kid's all time favorite song is Rey Valera's I Love You Too, sung by yours truly! I even recorded this song on my cellphone so that they can just play it when my voice is not, umm, up to the task. And it sometimes is, when I have to sing the song maybe 3 times before they would let me sleep.

Growing up, they each have a favorite lullaby. When Drexelle was a baby, we used to play his tape of Bananas and Pajamas and he can go to sleep all by himself. For Danniel, I had to sing Six Little Ducks to him over and over again. And for Ishi, she would let me choose a song to sing to her and I would always end up singing I Love You Too.

They are so big now, my eldest is turning 12 this year, but they still ask me to sing to them sometimes. Just last night, I was singing Tok Tok Tilaok to Ishi because she remembered a horror movie we watched and cant seem to forget it.

Despite my grating voice, my kids love and adore my singing. As they should, as the voice is coming from a mom's heart!

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