Mommy Moments: Valentine's Day

Feb 20, 2010

mommy moments

We are not big on Valentine's day celebration and I do not make much "demands" from my husband. I just told him that instead of flowers, I would prefer he give me cash instead, he he. Unfortunately, he took me on my words, well sort of. See, we ran out of LPG on Valentine's day and I told him to pay first as I still have to withdraw. Then, later that day he said that there is no need for me to pay him back as that is his valentines gift to me already. Grrr! He could be so irritating sometimes!

Anyway, good thing my little girl gave me this card below. She saved the day for me! My boys I think took after their dad and have no romantic bones on their body, ha ha. But they did kissed me and greeted me a happy valentine's so all is good anyway.

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