One Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Feb 23, 2010

I completely forgot about this photo and only saw it again today. It was taken last Sunday, Valentine's Day, when we went to the grocery to buy some stuff for the house. This was in Savemore at Mezza, which is now my favorite grocery store. There were few people, almost as if we had the whole store to ourselves! The kids had fun being "kissed" by one of the staff and they gamely posed for this picture.

There was also a nutritionist from Nestle who weighed and measured my kids and after some computations, announced them all to be overweight! She shared some tips on how to maintain a healthy weight for them and gave me a weekly meal planner which I instantly liked. But my husband left it, together with the food charts for my kids in the grocery cart! Sometimes, I hope we are computers and can work on a directory sync so that we will get exactly what each other mean.

Anyway, it was a productive, lazy Sunday afternoon for us, even when we just went to the grocery store. I just love how my kids can be entertained so easily.

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