Tuesdays Are Not For Me

Feb 9, 2010

I have never been stuck in an elevator so the term does not really put the fear of God in me. But this morning, on my way up to the 42nd floor of our building where I work, the elevator lurched and we were again brought down. It was not the same as being stuck in an elevator, but I almost had a heart attack. I clutched the railing as if my life depended on it, and looked nonchalantly at the elevator operator while deep inside my heart was hammering like crazy! Those who were not able to ride up with us the first time were just laughing at us. Maybe I looked more scared than I really cared to admit. I guess I have to get a temporary insurance even only for Tuesdays!

But that's not just it. I had an impacted tooth pulled out last Friday and now I know why some people dread dentists! The tooth gave a huge and bloody fight, but came out anyway after almost three hours. I wonder why it had to grow in the first place when all it would ever do was let me experience the pain. Actually, there was not much pain during the operation. It was the after that took its toll. My mouth felt battered, what with the pulling and all to expose the tooth. My throat felt sore because of the saline solution, and I was a little queasy after seeing the bloody pictures. And why do I blame Tuesdays instead of Fridays when it happened? Well, its only today that I discovered that I already ate the thread used to stitch my gum's! Ewww, I know!

So if only I can skip Tuesdays and go straight to Fridays!

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