You've Got A Friend? Not!

Feb 24, 2010

This comment from a friend : Wala ka bang ibang friends maliban sa amin ni Rona? It came out during a conversation regarding a business venture we recently joined. I told her I don't have anyone else to bring, thus the question. This made me really think hard. And I tried counting on my fingers the number of friends that would come to my aid for anything and I can only think of 5, and one is my sister. The two others are my office mates. Not that those five are not enough because they are. They have been with me during the lowest and highest points of my life. But who do you really call friends, and does the quantity really matter? One of my bosses said that it is easy to have many friends and to be a good friend during good times. But during times of need, only true friends will be there.

As an aside, I realize that I don't make friends easily. I do not open up that much and I do not know how to become a good friend. I do not attend blogging events or blogger get together because I am afraid that I may not be good enough or interesting enough. I tried signing up once to a get together and backed off at the last moment. Sometimes, I would even beg-off meeting high school friends because I am afraid there is not much to talk about. I do not find myself interesting at all. And I see acquaintances here in the office who will not give me a second glance on the hallways and in the elevator. There was even an instance when somebody whom I have been in several meetings and site visits with, just passed me by at the mall. Well, I am not sure she saw me, but do you get the idea? Even the girl selling peanut butter doesn't seem to remember me even after I have ordered 3 bottles already! So while I think I only have a few friends, I really do not know how to make new ones.

While I really don't let it bother me much, there are times when I do. We once rented a room in Sta Mesa and all of my room mates are friends with the neighbors except me. And now, I have lived in this place for 10 years now but don't think I hame made any friends. do smile at our neighbors and give them pansit during birthdays but I don't usually stay to chat. Except to say hello, or to ask how they have been.

So what would you says is my problem here?

2 comments: to “ You've Got A Friend? Not!

  • tina
    February 25, 2010  

    uhmm i think you are not opening much in life. maybe it has something to do with past experiences?

    but, its not the quantity of friends you have. :)

    if you are happy the way you are living now.. then i suggest you keep it up.. but, maybe you can also open up to life and people.. :)

    take good care. :)

  • ces
    February 26, 2010  

    congrats to your little boy and of course sa iyo!:)

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