Caring For Your Kid's Eyes

Mar 4, 2010

It's summer time once again and our kids will be on vacation from school in the next two weeks. I expect that they will be busy with play and will be out of the house most of the day. I can understand the need to go out, because it has been especially hot lately. However I am bothered by the news about the many cases of sore eyes recently. We should really take care not to be infected not only because it is painful, but because its is contagious. My eldest son is now wearing glasses to school since the beginning of the school year. I told him to never let his school mates wear his glasses, as they usually would like to try it on. He seldom wear the glasses at home and I usually see him squinting hard to see things. I keep on reminding him to take care of his eyes, but he sometimes wont listen. Hay!

So since the kids are mostly out, we should remember to remind them about these eye care tips to keep them away from sore eyes and other eye irritations this summer.

1. Keep your hands off your eyes all the times.
2. Wash your hands frequently.
3. Never borrow handkerchiefs or towels from other people.
4. Avoid contact with people with sore eyes.
5. Avoid swimming in public swimming pools.

These are just some tips to stay sore eyes free this coming vacation and I hope that our kids will follow them. We need to have a relaxed, stress-free summer too :-)

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