Mommy Moments: Field Trip

Mar 22, 2010

mommy moments

I love last Friday's Mommy Moments theme, Field Trip. I enjoy going out with my kids on their field trip, seeing new places and new things. Most especially, I love seeing the wonder in their eyes at discovering new experiences!

When I was a kid and money was scarce, I did not have the chance to join any of the school field trips. I always felt out of place after each one because my classmates would talk among themselves how great this was and did you see this and that, while I cannot make any contribution because I was not there. So I vowed not to deny my kids this wonderful experience.

And while field trips put a dent on our pockets, I love them really. I get to experience new things to!

Another thing I love about field trips is holding my child while he/she sleep on the bus on the way home. You can see how tired but happy they are, judging by the way they cling to you. And once they arrive home, they will not tire of regaling everybody by stories of how much they saw and how much fun they had!

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