Mommy Moments: First Aid Tips

Mar 5, 2010

mommy moments

This Friday's Mommy Moments is very timely for me and just look at the picture below and you will understand. First aid essentials for us are: band aids, betadine, ice pack, warm compress, paracetamol and lots of hugs and kisses! Here is my daughter trying on his brother's wave board. Thankfully, she didn't suffer any cut or bruise from falling. And she looks so happy learning to balance!
Danniel on the other hand scraped his foot while practicing and he was such a baby! He was limping and would complain that his school socks are hurting his wound! His daddy brought home a new box of striped band aids just for him so that he would quit acting. Drexelle had a big gash on his knee, and I am guilty of not buying him knee protectors. I told my husband's friend to buy a set when he bought the wave board. Unfortunately, the wave board store does not sell protective gears, would you believe it! And I haven't found time to buy one until today. Other than the usual first aid kits at home, I also made sure that I am prepared for unexpected hospitalizations. I am paying for their health card through salary deduction at work. It costs a lot, and I (thankfully) have not used it this year and last. But I know that I am also paying for my peace of mind. As mommies, we really should be prepared for any accident that may happen. And we should trust that what we are doing as parents is enough.

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  • Anonymous
    March 05, 2010  

    Same here, mommy. We pay for HMO coverage that we pray we DONT get to use :) My son has the elbow and knee pads and helmet but he doesn't want to use it kasi the others don't have one. :( Jeez.

  • nice A
    March 06, 2010  

    Your daughter looks so active.
    True enough, prevention is better than cure but when accident happens, at least we have something ready to prevent worsening of the case. Such as when our hyperactive exploring kids get wounded, we should be ready with bandages and Betadine to stop the bleeding. Thanks for sharing:)
    My first post is up.

  • Mon
    March 08, 2010  

    boys are bound to have scrapes one day or another. HEHE. I am a nurse and I have to say your first Aid kit is quite complete. Try also some bandages in case of fractured bones for falls, or anti-vertigo drugs for kids (chewable) in case you need to travel.

  • Chris
    March 08, 2010  

    health cards are a blessing.. and really important if you can afford it... we dont have health cards as of the moment, but hopefully, hubby will get that benefit soon..

  • Snow
    March 11, 2010  

    I am scared of getting sick but almost all from our family have HMO. Anyway, I don't want to use it. But it pays to be paranoid sometimes...

    Btw, I haven't done my project for you yet. Pero, I'll accomplish it one of these days, busy lang ng sobra. :P

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