My New Toy

Mar 5, 2010

Meet Diwa, my new 320G external hard drive. I am new at buying techie stuff so I had my boss buy this from Hong Kong. He got it for HKD493.00 and a free case!

Diwa is a big help now that Liway's memory is almost full. Now I can download all those movies and PSP games that I want! I would like to thank inpostlinks, paypal blogsvertise for the blogging moolah!


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  • redamethyst
    March 16, 2010  

    wow, I heard about the external hard drive sa friend ko. I think it's cool talaga noh.
    anyway, I noticed you haven't join K & Pehpot's contest, you still have 2 days to join, click here for the easy instruction on how to join. you can have a shot on the $20 or maybe the prize for the best blog post about the contest at the same time you are giving me 50 points if you the fifth step. thanks in advance.

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