Wave Boarding 101

Mar 3, 2010

My son is graduating from elementary this March and as a gift, he wanted a wave board and a cellphone. Despite my reservations as to his safety on a wave board, I bought him one. Its the "in" thing on our street now, and I don't want to deprive him of the experience of being "cool." Actually, it's a nice change from having him leaning on my back every time I am on my laptop working on something and him asking me to look for anMP3 Search Engine so he can download those Justin Bieber songs!

Wave boarding is actually easy once you get the hang of it, according to my son. You just have to plant your foot firmly on the board, and push your self forward with your left foot. Once both feet are on the boards, move your left foot on an "S" or wave motion, and you are wave boarding my friend! Sounds easy, but you should see me and my husband try it! We look ridiculous while kids as young as four years old makes it look effortless indeed! While I fear for my son's life and limbs, I am happy to say that he can do this now with only some minor scrapes to show for it. Now, even my daughter 5-year old Ishi and my 7-year old Danniel are learning to use the wave board.

Here is my son practicing his moves. I know he will lose more weight this summer because of this wave board and I am all for that. Truth is, I want to learn too but I am afraid I will break a limb, ha ha!

If you want to learn more about wave boarding, check out this post of Mr. Viloria here.

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