Do you eat a healthy breakfast?

Apr 7, 2010

As a mother, I believe that eating a healthy breakfast is a must for my kids and my husband. I prepare a filling meal in the morning so that they have enough energy to jump start their day. And I do this for myself as well. I mostly eat rice for breakfast, and a cup of coffee. Sometimes, I eat oatmeal and tea, or bread. Sometimes I prepare tsamporado or sopas when I have enough time before work. I never deprive my self of a healthy breakfast even if I am on a diet. I know that skipping a meal will only cause havoc to my metabolism and will just ruin my day as well. Who wants to start their day hungry and cranky? My friend told me that another healthy breakfast or even snacks that I should try are protein shakes. She said that she gets everything that her body needs with just one glass. She does not worry about excess carbs or calories and she gets to choose a fruit a day. Well I guess that us something good to try. I have an office mate whose breakfast daily consists of seasonal fruits and she swears that it gives her a very great start on her day. So I guess that as long as we do not starve ourselves, it does not matter whether we load with carbs or proteins or fruits. A healthy breakfast is a great way to start a new day.

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