How Was Your Easter?

Apr 7, 2010

I must admit that I didnt have a very holy week this past Holy week. We have neither started nor created any Holy week devotion for my family. We do not participate in Pabasa or Visita Iglesia. We only went to mass on Easter Sunday. And unlike when I was a kid, our TV, computer, laptop or PSP are all turned on depending on who wants to do what. I know. I should probably start educating my kids about the importance of meditation and prayer during Holy Week. Can I promise to start next year?

But remember the dream house we are building? Construction was until Holy Thursday and I was already excited about decorating the house. Since we had no work, I wanted to look for outdoor lighting on sale but all stores were closed. So I guess I have to try again this weekend.
In other news, we met with great friends last Saturday and went swimming with them. We also oohed and aahed at a friend's beautiful house! It was heartwarming to see them finally this near to their dream of owning a house.

We also had an Easter Egg Hunt at home, thanks to Auntie Luz. The kids had a great time and the adults couldn't resist joining. So we had a fun and tiring Easter, albeit not a holy one.

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