Kamatsili, Duhat and Sineguelas

Apr 22, 2010

Do you know this fruit Kamatsili or Camachile? When I was a kid in Batangas, we use a long stick to get the kamatsili from the tree or just wait for it to fall. The body of this tree is thorny, so we don't usually climb it.

I cant remember why but I always associate duhat with uod and sineguelas with salagubang. I guess there are some good and funny memories there.

I took this picture last Sunday when we went to the QC Memorial circle and one of the booths there was selling this, along with duhat and sineguelas. And seeing these fruits evoke sweet childhood memories of climbing trees and playing on rice fields and flying kites and eating mangoes and other fruits and a lot, lot more! I wish my kids can experience those things as well. Too bad that we don't have much to come home to in our old house in the province now. But good thing that I can tell my kids these experiences when they got curious when I was taking the pictures!

Ah, fruits from my childhood!

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