Love Your Body!

Apr 5, 2010

I have a confession to make. I used the Lenten season as an excuse not to exercise! I told my friends that since I love going to the gym and that lent is the season for abstinence and fasting, then I would abstain from going to the gym. Now, how is that for an excuse? Ha ha, I sure love my body not only because of how I want people to see me but for health reasons as well. If given the chance and the budget, I am willing to try this famous Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon and trust him with my body. I would love to feel like the rich and famous and have a Beverly Hills liposuction! I have always wondered, if these procedures are really as frightening as the media would want us to believe, then why are there lots of people who are doing it? These people are not uneducated or uninformed. These are individuals have access to information and can easily find out if these practices can cause them more harm. But we have to agree that these procedures have become a lot more safer given the breakthrough in the profession. So I really think that undergoing a Beverly Hills plastic surgery is a treat for your self confidence. So if you have the budget and the inclination, go for it!

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