My Kids In Color

Apr 19, 2010

We took time off last Sunday for some quality family time and went to the QC Memorial Circle. As you may already know, it is one of our favorite parks and my kids absolutely enjoy their time here.

Here are some of their pictures in the playground, in various color!

Pictured above is Ishi having a grand time at the red slide.

And here are my kids having a laugh at the purple slide!

Do you know how difficult it is to make them pose together? I have to threaten not to buy them cotton candy if they wont pose for me! And it worked!

Here is Danniel climbing these green things!

And Drexelle, trying to emote!

It is indeed heartwarming to watch the kids having fun. As for my husband and I, we were only able to run around the circle three times each before the kids were asking to eat breakfast already. And after they had their fill, they didn't want to leave the playground!

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