Summer Activities for Kids

Apr 13, 2010

My kids are bored! I am just on the phone with my eldest son who is 12, and he is looking after his 2 siblings at home today. When I asked what they are doing, he said nothing, just watching TV. You can hear from his tone that he wishes he were doing something else. While looking after his siblings teaches him responsibility, I know that he wants to be engaged in some summer activities. But since budget is limited because if the house we are building, I am looking at Article Alley for some activities that my kids could enjoy while at home. I saw this page about recreation and sports and I am thinking that they will enjoy this. I also some great article on basement waterproofing and was happily reading away when I realized that we do not have a basement, ha ha! So I took an inventory of what we have and we have badminton, hula hoop, wave board, scooter, PSP, computer, basketball and volleyball. I think we have everything covered and all I have to do is to schedule these activities for maximum enjoyment for my kids. And while they have all them time in the world and my husband and I have to work, we still have the weekends to enjoy these summer activities. Now all I need to do is to find someone to look after them while they are playing outside!

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