Certified Public Accountant

May 26, 2010

Our neighbor's granddaughter just passed the CPA licensure exams and you can imagine how proud she is. You can hear the pride in her voice as she talks about how her granddaughter worked so hard during her college days and how she did the same during her reviews. Manang made her quit her job so she can concentrate on her review. And Manang also made sure that she gets enough food and sleep and love and emotional support. And their efforts paid off!

I was talking to her just last night and she plans on learning more about option trading because she just might get a job as finance manager of an investment company. Aside from that , she has to learn trading, derivatives, stocks and a whole lot more. I told her it would be best if she study to become a CFA. But at the moment, I told her to just enjoy the moment and the fruits of her labor. It would be too soon for her to be thinking about getting a new job and studying at the same time. But I guess she has to take the plunge sooner than later! And when she does, I know that this certified public accountant will go a long way! Congratulations again, Jinky!

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