Getting Serious with blogging

May 19, 2010

It has been one and a half year since I started blogging for fun and I guess it is now time to up the ante, so to speak and make serious money from his blog. You say too ambitious, I say realistic. You say no way, I say I will make a way!

So do you think its time to get help from a search engine optimization company? Seriously, I have no idea how to make this blog rank in search engines. It has mostly been a hit and miss for me. I also have no knowledge on blogging from other platforms other than blogger and I have no time yet to learn. So while I think its really time to get serious with blogging, I meant to seek some help. So I will now look for help on blogging forums and seek free tutorials from friend.

But of course, I will not forget why I started blogging in the first place: to share my ideas and gain friends! And share parenting tips, travel tips and anything under the sun! So if you have any tips on getting this blog to becoming more serious, please let me know! So here is to more income from blogging!

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