I love PDF!

May 28, 2010

I am so thankful for finding out about this pdf search engine! See, I love documents saved in PDF format because they are easy to navigate and you need not worry about formatting and stuff. So whenever possible, I only download research and reports in this format. So when I saw this search engine, I am positively thrilled. I sometimes cannot open word documents because of the old version that I am using but with pdf, I need not worry about such things. The search engine also works well for looking at company presentations from corporate websites. I sometimes save them in pdf format just to save disk space but now that I can search for them, it will sure save me some more time and effort that I can use for blogging, ha ha. Just wanted to share my find with you before I take the time off now from blogging and start with my research for this project I am working on! Thanks pdf search engine for making my job a lot easier.

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