Mommy Moments: Motherhood

May 28, 2010

mommy moments

I am blessed with a loving husband and 3 wonderful, wonderful kids. Indeed, God has been very kind to me. If you ask me before I had a child if I am capable of loving somebody else more than myself and more than life itself, I would have replied with a resounding "Hell, no!" But now that I am a mother, I do know the feeling. I have known no greatest joy from the love that my kids have given me and my biggest fear is that harm should come to them. It is really a blessing to have been given the chance to become a mother, and I feel so thankful

Simple joys of motherhood are these priceless cuddling that shows how much love there is between me and my kids.

I wish I could stay home and take care of my kids more but I need to work so I just do the best that I can. Thankfully, my own mother is always there to help.

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