My Men and their Basketball game

May 26, 2010

My husband joined the senior basketball league in our barangay which started about a month ago. Here is a picture below of my husband wearing his number 6 jersey, with the name of my youngest at the back. My eldest son took the picture, which was taken during their parade., where he was his dad's photographer There are no fixed schedules of the games but so far, my husband has missed only one game. Last night at 8pm, he was called at home to suit up and play!

Of course the whole family was there to cheer him up. My eldest son, who also played basketball during the December league is the noisiest. He would clap loudly whenever his dad got his hands on the ball. He would point and shout to his dad's teammates to pass the ball to his father. Thankfully, my husband did not disappoint his son! He was in the game during the first and last quarter and actually made some good moves. Note the tone of surprise coming from me? Yeah, well he love basketball, but he watches more than he plays so I was not sure if he still has it.

So after the game, my eldest son posted this note on our ref. I just had to smile as my son and husband discussed the merits of the game and his performance. He made 5 points he said, and 2 assists. And then they were at it again, my son telling my husband that he should have done this and that. Oh well, good thing father and son had basketball in common! It was heartwarming!

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