Chic Eye Glasses

Jun 25, 2010

I used to wear glasses but I stopped wearing them some three years ago. My excuse is that they broke, but really they make me look 10 years older! I can of course have them repaired in a flash, but I choose to have the discomfort of not wearing them than look older than my real age. Even without the glasses, I look more mature so they are not helping. Of course, not wearing has a lot of disadvantages. The only advantage really is that I that I don't look that old. There is of course a solution: find chic eye glasses. But most cool and pretty eye glasses are so expensive I have no chance of owning one. I know that I have to buy one soon because I am having frequent migraine attacks because of my tired eyes especially after such a long day. I just hope to find one that is within my budget and will look quite good on me. Actually, I really, really have to buy one before the showing of the Eclipse movie so I can enjoy it without the usual headache afterwards. I often get one after watching a movie because I stare too much at screen. See, there are really no advantage to not wearing eye glasses than giving in to my vanity. I really better get one soon, ha ha!

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