I Survived the First Day of School!

Jun 15, 2010

I have four students who went to school today and it was surprisingly very painless! They all woke up on time, very excited and ate their breakfast without much prodding. I guess it must be the new uniform, new bags and new school supplies. Or for my college sister, the thought of seeing her friends made her steps more bouncy! My eldest son is now a teenager and he asked me if he can not bring all his stuff to school on his first day. He is in "high school" now, punctuation marks are his, not mine, ha ha.

Of course, I had to be up two hours earlier than my usual wake up time. I was too excited I guess, that I was awake at 2am. Good thing I was able to sleep again otherwise I would be the grumpy one. Now I am at the office but I did not go to the gym because I still have to buy some more stuff for the kids. I still have to check my other assignment, the Active Directory Tutorial that my friend was telling me about. But I have to finish all these school-related things before I can get my blogging groove back. It is a nice feeling though to start the school year right. And I just had a text from my mother that my youngest child got a "star" on her first day at school! Ah, simple motherhood joys!

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  • Halie
    June 17, 2010  

    Congratulations for surviving the first day funk

    Here's mine

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