Mommy Moments: Dear Dad

Jun 11, 2010

mommy moments

I cant find a card from my kids to their Dad! I only have a Dear Mom and Dad card and I guess its my fault. It will be my assignment for this Father's Day to ask the kids to make one for their father. I am sure they will make a very nice card for their father.

I feel blessed really to have a thoughtful partner in raising the kids. Noel is loving and very patient with his kids, sometimes more patient than I am.

He plays with his kids and make time to do things with them, like this makeshift basketball court. He bonds with his kids playing basketball, psp or just by goofing around.

He really enjoys having quality time with his family and genuinely and truly love us with all his heart. He is a loving and responsible father to his kids and that makes me feel truly blessed to call him my husband.

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7 comments: to “ Mommy Moments: Dear Dad

  • Mommy Jes
    June 11, 2010  

    aw!!! cute! sarap kapag ang daddy any close tlga sa mga ank noh? =) Sana ung mag aama ko ganyan dn til paglaki =)

    heres mine sis -

  • Day by Day
    June 11, 2010  

    Noel should read this!

  • Cecile
    June 11, 2010  

    that is one very nice card from your kids :-); so sweet of them.

    we are the same, hubby is more patient than i am; he spend quality time with my son every time he is home...and my son adores him, too!

    aren't we blessed for having such wonderful husbands? happy father's day to him in advance :-)

  • Clarissa
    June 11, 2010  

    aww..what a loving father to your kids!Palaging may kalaro ang mga anak mo^_^

  • seth
    June 11, 2010  

    Nice pictures...Stay happy and Blessed! Happy Fathers Day to your hubby!

  • Willa
    June 11, 2010  

    those are really a sweet bonding moment for them na they can remember all their life. :)

  • Chris
    June 14, 2010  

    you are blessed indeed! we can see it in all your pictures.. thanks for sharing! happy father's day to him!:D

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