Rain Rain Go Away

Jun 17, 2010

I am sure you still remember the typhoon Ondoy that happened September last year. I still do, and the rains always bring a reminder that the devastation could happen again. Call me paranoid but if I have the funds right this minute, I will be lining up to get a home insurance. I know its a reality for some but it is still a dream for me to insure my house against these natural calamities. Remember the sink hole that dominated the news recently? Who would have thought that stuff that we only see in movies could really happen in real life? No wonder my cousin abroad called to tell me she is now looking at some Ohio home insurance companies for her own house. I just hope she can have the peace of mind too. Good thing businesses have insurance coverage like this Netquote Kentucky business insurance. They need not be afraid of the rain and other calamities that could take out their life-long savings and properties just like that. Of course, they would lose a lot more if they do not pay for insurance premiums. When before I love the rain because of the cold weather and the good night sleep I will get, now I am afraid to sleep because I may wake up flooded! So I hope the rains will go away soon to leave me in peace.

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