Cebu Pacific Sale: Zero Fare and 50% Off

Jul 30, 2010

I don't know why I am even writing this when I am too busy finding seats for my family, but I guess I just want to share the love! So log on to Cebu Pacific and check-out these wonderful seat sale!

Go and happy hunting!

Mommy Moments: Grocery Day

mommy moments

We usually go to the grocery after the Sunday mass, sometimes just to have someplace to go especially when eating out is not in the budget. Its a little tricky bringing the kids to the grocery because they have too many requests. But I know that they appreciate the value of money and importance of a budget when they want something and instead of whining to get, they would just ask me if I have extra. And most of the times I give in because they asked nicely! This picture was taken last Valentines Day at Savemore in Mezza.

Join us at Mommy Moments!

LP 116: Gusto

Jul 29, 2010

Ang dami kong gusto sa buhay: magandang bahay, mataas na suweldo, sariling kotse, sikat na blog (naks!) at maraming-marami pang iba, pero lahat ito ay handa kong ipagpalit sa mga sandaling gaya nito:

Simple lang naman talaga ang gusto ko, ang isang masaya at buong pamilya. At masuwerte ako at kaya pa naming ibigay ito sa aming mga anak. Ang tanong nga namin sa mga bata: konting pera lang pero nandito naman si Mommy at Daddy o maraming pera pero wala si Daddy? At ang laging sagot nila, yun daw nandito kaming lahat, kahit di masyadong mayaman (mayaman daw o!) pero masaya naman. Sana, kayanin namin!

Win a Free Boracay Vacation Package by WOW Philippines Travel Agency

Win a Free Boracay Vacation Package by WOW Philippines Travel Agency

WOW Philippines Travel Agency, Inc. is celebrating it's 5th year in business during July of 2010, and we would like you to have a chance to celebrate with us, so we have decided to give-away a FREE Boracay Package complete with 3 Star accommodations at the luxurious Artista Boracay Resort on Boracay Island. The lucky winner will win the following Boracay vacation package.

Vacation Package Inclusions:
- 5 Days / 4 Nights Luxury 3 Star Accommodations at the Artista Boracay Resort
- Flights to Boracay from Manila to Caticlan Airport on Philippine Airlines
- Island Transfers - Door-to-Door from Manila to the resort and back to Manila Domestic Airport
- Three (3) Meals each day, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
- Boracay Activities - Horseback Riding, Island Hopping, Glass Bottom Boat

Read More Information:

Watery Wednesday: Boracay

Jul 28, 2010

This is my first Watery Wednesday post for this blog and of course, my first picture would be from our Boracay trip. We had two cameras that went bust so this picture was taken using our cellphones. But despite the camera mishaps, we very much enjoyed the trip! Can you tell? Ha ha!

More Boracay pictures ans stories to come!

Post It Note Tuesdays

Jul 27, 2010

Villa Criselda Resort in Boracay

Jul 21, 2010

We were in Boracay for four days last week and we stayed at Villa Criselda resort. For the eight of us, we were able to get one room for only P1,800 per night and an extra bed for P300. There are 2 queen-sized beds, an aircon, ref, tv, hot and cold shower and best of all-Free Wifi! This is really a best-value resort and the staff is very accommodating. If I return to Boracay, I will be sure to stay here again, not only because of the rustic furniture, but because I really had the best value for my money. The resort is just a block away from D'Talipapa, where there are many souvenir stores and restaurants. There is an Andok's restaurant that is open 24 hours and a Mang Inasal, where there is free unlimited rice, ha ha. The resort is also just 2-3 minutes walk away from the beach. here are some of the pictures of Villa Criselda, but do please excuse the quality as I had a camera mishap!

They also offer cooking services or use of their cooking facilities if you want to cook your own meal. You can also rent a water dispenser and buy the water much cheaper than when you buy outside. I only discovered the morning when we were about to check out so I already spent more for water.
This is the entrance to the resort.

The garden view. The only thing missing is a swimming pool and my kids would not want to leave!
Our pink deluxe room.
The resort is fully booked when we arived, and our neighbors are combination of Filipino and foreign guests.
The queen-sized bed which fit me, my mother in law and my daughter. My mother, sister and my son sleeps on the other bed while my husband and eldest son took to the extra mattress.

They also sent somebody to assist us at the jetty port because we arrived in the evening and I really appreciated that because I want to be sure that we arrive safely with the kids.

So next time you need a room in Boracay, try Villa Criselda Resort in Boracay. Their website is or look for Randy at 09187225599.

Travel Bug

Jul 20, 2010

I have been bitten by the travel bug and I love it! We have recently been to Kalibo despite the typhoon Basyang that hit the metro the day before our flight. The family enjoyed the trip so much, they were already asking where and when we are travelling next. I wanted to say Hong Kong but I may not be able to keep that promise so I just replied, "Yo will know soon." My next booked flight is in to Coron, Palawan in October but I wish to travel to the United Kingdom and stay at this Bed and Breakfast Manchester. How lovely would it be to experience that? Of course, there is the fact that my husband still has to get his passport and getting a visa is not a walk in the park either. he is actually scheduled for interview in August but the visa is another matter altogether. But the travel bug has bitten me hard so it will be somewhere in the Philippines again this year and somewhere in Asia in the next two years. Good thing that my friends love to travel and they are always on the look out for airline seat sale just like me! One of these days, we will get lucky and we will finally set foot in Europe.

A Fever Scare

My sister in law called me last night because her son had a very high fever and she was afraid he would have convulsions. She said he was almost shaking and was too hot to touch. I told her to keep giving him sponge baths and the fever medication every six hours. I can understand her concern so even though it was already midnight, I was texting her constantly to keep her company. I know from experience that kids are prone to fever and though they scare as so much, fevers usually abate after some time unless its caused by something serious like Dengue. If you ask me, I would rather welcome a low grade fever that goes away after a nice sleep than bug bites that irritates the kids so much and makes them cranky. And dont forget the scars from scratching too much! And its another thing to give kids bed bug medication, especially those that tastes and smells awful! Of course a high grade fever is a different matter all together especially if it could be Dengue, which is really life threatening. I just wish that there is nothing seriously wrong with my nephew and that he feels better soon.

Cheap Accomodations in Boracay

Jul 13, 2010

We will be in Boracay starting tomorrow until Saturday, thanks to the Cebu Pacific seat sale. To give you an idea how excited my kids are, imagine yourself as a kid in a toy store with the mandate to buy all that you can, then double that. Ha ha. Maybe not that excited, but you get the picture. Yes, the words Boracay, white sand, swimming, snorkeling and food trip are always in their sentences! There will be eight of us traveling on this budget trip so I had to be very creative in booking accommodations for us. I was able to get a room for 3 nights and 3 days for eight of us for only P5,600! I thought I was lucky when I found a resort that was offering a promo of P2998 per room for a 3D/2N stay, but when I confirmed with them over the phone, they were giving me a much higher price! We were willing so stay at that resort farther from the beach because of what I thought was already a reasonable price. It turns out from my email, texts and calls, that mostly remained unanswered, that the owner has not heard of customer service. I doubt it if we will be comfortable at his resort because he doesn't seem the type to know about info on a twin air mattress much less care about prospective clients. Ha ha, yes I am mad at him!

Good thing my friend and office mate hails from Kalibo and she very kindly helped me with the arrangements for the resort, transportation and food. Just now I received a call from the driver who will pick us up from the airport. This is turning out to be a fun trip after all!

Watch out for my Boracay budget trip information when I get back!

Fire Ants are Eating My Flowers!

Jul 12, 2010

I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see them myself, but these beautiful flowers below, known as Vietnam Rose are being eaten by fire ants! And my beautiful plants are almost dead! Who would have thought that a fire ant range would cause the demise of these colorful plants?

At first we thought they were being eaten by cats because we know that they do munch on plants and have seen them on several occasions. But these plants are in recycled Coke plastic bottles and are hanging on the wall. The cats would have to lean at an impossible angle to get to them. Besides, we have not seen them take a bite at these plants. Then we next suspected that the birds are doing it. There are birds in our yard every morning and while it seems impossible that they would eat the leaves, we thought that they perhaps could nip at the flower buds! Then lo and behold, as I was watering the plants this morning, I looked closely and I that saw fire ants are the culprit! We already saw some of them on the ground but we had no reason to think that they would eat the plant so we didn't look closely. I wasn't able to take pictures because I left the camera at work but the plants really look bad. I already moved some of them and I do hope that they will recover from this.

But what do I do now with these ants? Help!

My Business Cards

I never had a need for business cards until I started blogging! I initially thought that bloggers who wave their business cards around are just too full of themselves for thinking that people will ask for one. But when I started attending events, I realized that business cards are not for showing off. They are a good way to promote your blog and meet new bloggers who share the same interests and passion. One great way to start a conversation is by telling people that you have a blog. You just give them your card and tell them that the address where they can find you online other than on Facebook or Twitter! My college friends are amazed when I told them I write online on my own website and they would like to know how they can start one of their own or even how they can earn money from it. I also have a friend (now a teacher) who asked her English class to start their own personal blog as a project. She told them to visit this blog to have some ideas on how to do it. It all started with my giving her my business card during a get together! So now that I know for a fact how effective business cards to promote my blog, you can be sure that the next batch of them will be more funky and hip!

Mommy Moments: Kids and Bags

Jul 9, 2010

mommy moments

This is my little girl's first school bag (and the only picture of bags I could find) and my entry for this week's theme. She used two years ago when I enrolled her in a summer class. The bag didn't last the year she was in Kinder and I had to buy another bag!

But it looks cute and matches her pink uniform. Now her bag is purple, my favorite color.

LP 113: Disiplina

Jul 8, 2010

Anong klaseng disiplina meron sila at hindi sila nasasaktan sa kanilang ginagawa?
Pinapatay ang baga sa dila!

At bumubuga ng apoy matapos na uminom ng gas!
Ang mga dragon, este, performers po na iyan ay bisita sa aming lugar nuong nakaraang Fiesta. Grabe, maniniwala ba kayo na sobre lang ang katapat nyan?

Exercise for My Preschooler

Jul 6, 2010

My youngest child is 6 years old and she is overweight. At her age, her normal weight should be between 16 to 32 kgs and I think she is now somewhere near 50 kgs. I know its my fault because I cook the food, I buy the snacks and all but she is not a sedentary child. She bikes and plays with the hula hoop daily. I have strict orders to my mother to not allow her to eat more than is needed. I measure her food and I usually serve her small helpings. I really don't know how she became that big because we are not chip eaters, only occasionally. We also do not drink soft drinks, only juices. I am alarmed really because her tummy is huge and her uniform does not fit well anymore!

My plan is to increase her physical activity more than what she is doing now. I plan to walk with her every morning for around 30 minutes, then do 25 minutes of aerobic exercise and then bike with her at night. I also plan on doing more running and playing badminton during weekends. I hope these are not too drastic. I know that I really have to do something about this because I am concerned for her health. I hope other parents out there can help me with this by giving me some tips on what else I can do during school days to increase her physical activity.

A Job Where Everybody Looks Up at You!

Jul 5, 2010

A job where everybody looks up at you! Need I say more?

LP 112: Teknolohiya

Jul 1, 2010

Nuong ako ang bata, ang laro namin ay tumbang preso, plato-platuhan, piko, luksong tinik, luksong baka, siato, patentero at marami pang ibang larong takbuhan at habulan. Pero ang mga bata na ito, PSP na ang laro. Iba na talaga ang teknolohiya!
Pero siempre pinaglalaro din naman namin ng mga pisikal na laro ang mga bata na ito. May oras din ang pag-PSP o computer nila lalo na kung school days. Maski kasi advance ang teknolohiya, nasa ating mga magulang talaga ang tamang paggabay sa kanila.


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