Exercise for My Preschooler

Jul 6, 2010

My youngest child is 6 years old and she is overweight. At her age, her normal weight should be between 16 to 32 kgs and I think she is now somewhere near 50 kgs. I know its my fault because I cook the food, I buy the snacks and all but she is not a sedentary child. She bikes and plays with the hula hoop daily. I have strict orders to my mother to not allow her to eat more than is needed. I measure her food and I usually serve her small helpings. I really don't know how she became that big because we are not chip eaters, only occasionally. We also do not drink soft drinks, only juices. I am alarmed really because her tummy is huge and her uniform does not fit well anymore!

My plan is to increase her physical activity more than what she is doing now. I plan to walk with her every morning for around 30 minutes, then do 25 minutes of aerobic exercise and then bike with her at night. I also plan on doing more running and playing badminton during weekends. I hope these are not too drastic. I know that I really have to do something about this because I am concerned for her health. I hope other parents out there can help me with this by giving me some tips on what else I can do during school days to increase her physical activity.

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  • Nortehanon
    July 06, 2010  

    Hi Dinah!
    Parang natural naman yata sa ibang bata yung chubby-chubby. Cute tingnan hehehe. Ask mo na rin ang pediatrician para makasiguro.

    Magkaiba kayo ng nanay ko ng suliranin: ikaw, paano medyo papayatin ang anak mo. Si nanay ko naman noon, kung paano ako patabain hehehe

  • Dinah
    July 06, 2010  

    @nortehanon, she is more than chubby e ;-(
    used to cute pag mataba, now kawawa ang bata.

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