A Fever Scare

Jul 20, 2010

My sister in law called me last night because her son had a very high fever and she was afraid he would have convulsions. She said he was almost shaking and was too hot to touch. I told her to keep giving him sponge baths and the fever medication every six hours. I can understand her concern so even though it was already midnight, I was texting her constantly to keep her company. I know from experience that kids are prone to fever and though they scare as so much, fevers usually abate after some time unless its caused by something serious like Dengue. If you ask me, I would rather welcome a low grade fever that goes away after a nice sleep than bug bites that irritates the kids so much and makes them cranky. And dont forget the scars from scratching too much! And its another thing to give kids bed bug medication, especially those that tastes and smells awful! Of course a high grade fever is a different matter all together especially if it could be Dengue, which is really life threatening. I just wish that there is nothing seriously wrong with my nephew and that he feels better soon.

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