My Business Cards

Jul 12, 2010

I never had a need for business cards until I started blogging! I initially thought that bloggers who wave their business cards around are just too full of themselves for thinking that people will ask for one. But when I started attending events, I realized that business cards are not for showing off. They are a good way to promote your blog and meet new bloggers who share the same interests and passion. One great way to start a conversation is by telling people that you have a blog. You just give them your card and tell them that the address where they can find you online other than on Facebook or Twitter! My college friends are amazed when I told them I write online on my own website and they would like to know how they can start one of their own or even how they can earn money from it. I also have a friend (now a teacher) who asked her English class to start their own personal blog as a project. She told them to visit this blog to have some ideas on how to do it. It all started with my giving her my business card during a get together! So now that I know for a fact how effective business cards to promote my blog, you can be sure that the next batch of them will be more funky and hip!

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